Kathryn J Chiong

Jul 2015

Kathy's ArtHum section was a great one to be in. It wasn't as easy as some sections can be, but Kathy made it really interesting and interactive. She is a veritable fountain of knowledge about art, and did all of her lectures without notes, start to finish, and without even any filler words or seemingly having to think hard to remember what she had to say. She put an emphasis on participation as an element of our grade, but all participation was voluntary: she didn't force people to talk who didn't want to talk, but did encourage everyone to take part in her Q&A discussion style every once in a while. The papers made you think and were sometimes a bit challenging to write, but if you put a decent effort into them and she could tell you'd thought deeply about the topic she'd give you an A. As for the readings, I didn't do any of them except for when she told us we'd need them for a paper or the final, but I got by just fine. One of the things I really loved about Kathy's section was that she created assignments that forced us to go independently to all of the major art museums in the city--the Met, MOMA, the Guggenheim, and the Frick--as well as places like St. John the Divine. Even though I often felt like I didn't have the time to spare for these trips, I always found that spending a few hours in an art museum on a Saturday morning was really fun and helped me refocus and de-stress (not to mention being educational). Overall, great section, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get a solid education out of ArtHum.

Dec 2014

Professor Chiong is really great. The class I took started at 7:10 at night and I was afraid after having been in class all day that I would totally zone out during this one but professor Chiong made sure that didn't happen! She does an excellent job balancing lecture and discussion and always includes some interesting facts about the artist or piece. She really fosters a passion for art and has inspired me to visit more art museums! Definitely recommend taking this course with her.

Jan 2014

"I would just like to point out that there is a man sticking a flower into this man’s anus…don’t say we never had any fun in Art Hum.” -Chiong on Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights God, I love this woman. She clearly loves what she does and her enthusiasm translates into her being impressively prepared, well-versed, and so so knowledgeable. She’s beyond eloquent, passionate, and NICE (such a nice person). At first she may seem intimidating and too serious, like a real hard-ass, but fear not- she’s truly a wonderful lecturer and professor and sometimes spontaneously hilarious (see above quote). This isn’t to say she’s an easy grader or gives out easy tests. Far from that, her tests are fairly challenging, and the papers graded with substantial expectation. However, the tests are always fair in that they come from the slides (except maybe one in which you have to analyze on spot, but you can do it) and she does a thorough and captivating job in presenting the works and relevant concepts. There are readings, but you don’t have to do them. There was one pop quiz though so if she hints at reading something, read it, duh. Go to class, pay attention, take notes, and mind what she says. She summarizes the readings for you and you can use this in your midterm/final answers and pretend you read it. Class is a blast anyway. She has a way with making things easily understandable for someone who has no art history background at all. And don’t forget to participate at least once. She’s so supportive and open so don’t be afraid to say what you’re thinking or wondering. If you want to raise your paper grade, definitely go to office hours. Paper topics are a visual analysis on one painting or a comparison of two and requires a museum trip. I always thought it was fun. Brainstorm something and go talk to her. She loves art so much she can’t help but spew you some answers. If you don’t have time, send her your thesis. She’ll give you feedback. Also, she’s mentioned you could argue anything as long as it’s well argued so she’s pretty open-minded and awesomely progressive like that. You just have to back up your argument with objective points and not things like calling the works “beautiful” “gorgeous” etc. without support. Definitely my favorite professor, definitely my favorite Core class. Challenging but absolutely rewarding. Dramatic to say but Professor Chiong has restored my faith in the Core. Oh exact dates are asked for each work shown on the tests. Eeeek but she's still an art history rockstar.