Maulik Parikh

Oct 2005

Agree he's bad at leading classroom discussion (esp outside of physics) but he's amazingly helpful & accessible during office hours. Clearly loves the material, is super supportive, and clearly wants you to understand & enjoy the topics. Frontiers has some general structural problems--the best way to get around this is OFFICE HOURS & the extra weekly Helfand group review sessions.

Jan 2005

A nice guy, but not the most interesting teacher. He seemed enthusiastic but never really had any insight into the topics. When someone finally did ask a question he would stubble through some incoherant explanation. He looks for specific answers to his questions, thus you must learn to think like him. Not the best, not the worst.

Jan 2005

Maulik is a nice guy but he is unable to explain simple concepts in a coherent way or foster any interest in the topics whatsoever. It is obvious that he is a researcher and that he is not cut out to teach, especially since he was unfamiliar with most of the topics (brain & behavior, biodiversity, global warming, and astronomy) taught this semester. I felt wholly unprepared for the final exam and was only able to complete the weekly work using guess-work and help from friends in the same discussion section.