Stephanie Hoopes

Nov 2005

Truly one of the worst lecturers at Columbia, period. avoid this class if you already get enough sleep. the reading and subject is super interesting, but that has no effect on horrible powerpoint lectures. the group project is a good idea, but ends up being really tedious. the final and midterm are a really good format, but her grading seems pretty random.

May 2005

If you missed grade school and just wanted to go back for a minute, now you can do it for a whole semester here at Columbia at Prof Hoopes class. "Who can tell me what an export is" or "what is a union" are common questions in the class and Prof Hoopes is especially good at praising opinions no matter how irrelevant unimportant or dumb they are. For the entire 2005 spring semester two extremely annoying republicans in love with their voices succesfully highjacked the class and without a single drop of evidence went on for hours preaching without an interuption or a single comment from the professor about what the hell they were talking about. This is not to say republicans shouldnt be allowed to speak but come on if a student is talking nonesense a good professor shouldnt encourage it. The reading and one of the TAs were the only good things in a class that with another professor would probably be one of the best ones you could ever take.

Jan 2005

Dr. Hoopes was a great professor. Friendly, available for help, and a perfect discussion leader, the seminar was not only well structured but one of the few classes at Columbia in which I didn't need to stare at the clock. The class was interested, the readings were appropriate and the grading was fair. Overall, take a course with her if you can- she's taught before in England and brings outside views which add new views to the discussion. A solid class all around.