Michael B Allen

Mar 2009

Secularism and its Critics Michael is kind and he is very enthusiastic about the material. He is extremely smart and has a lot to lend to the analysis and interpretation of the material. He is also very keen on discussion, so he welcomes people to disagree with him. He generously interprets student commentary, even if you're thoughts aren't particularly coherent- so he's good at ego-boosting/hand holding. On the other hand, the material in the class is very heady. So be prepared for a lot of dense reading. Also Michael is very organized, so he expects you to be organized too. That boils to posting your homework on time and showing up to class on time. If you can handle those two things, then you're golden. But if you're someone who skips class, is typically tardy, or hands in work late, then you'll have a really hard time with him in his class. He is also amenable to suggestions though. He changed the posting deadline when someone admitted that we didn't have enough time. So he's reasonable if you talk to him about any difficulties you're having.