Mujtaba Murji

May 2009

Dissenting from the prior opinion, Murji is a nice fellow and always offers help but knows very little about economics itself, and he's said it in front of the class, "I don't really know what's going on with the current economic calamity" he's a good mathematician im sure though

Apr 2009

Mujtaba is the best Economics TA I have ever encounted at Columbia. He is responsible, on time, and always willing to answer questions. He is incredibly friendly at office hours and helps with the problem sets. Muj is very intelligent and explains the concepts better than Professor O'Flaherty himself. I wish I could just go to Muj's recitation section because I get more out of it than two days of lecture. I sincerely hope Muj will go on to pursue his Ph.D. in Economics & teach at Columbia someday. He has changed my life.