Pierre Gentine

Dec 2010

Professor Gentine is a strange professor. There's nothing consistent about him; you can't really call him good or bad, and you can't really call the class easy or hard. I'll just list facts. He speaks English with a slight accent, which isn't a problem, but he likes to invent words. Have you ever substracted two numbers? What about multiplicate them? I can't tell if he says unicity (instead of uniqueness) because it is a real word or because he doesn't know the word uniqueness. Class itself is fairly dull, mostly due to the slow pace of the course, but all you need is the book anyway. The weekly homework is a joke. It usually consists of 5 basic questions from the textbook. You won't find any of that "think for yourself" mumbo jumbo. It's all arithmetic and fundamental properties. One assignment actually had an entire question that consisted of finding the lengths of two vectors and their inner product. It gets worse: there are grad students in this class! Moreover, if he puts the assignment up late he likes to push the due date back a week. While it's nice not to spend hours slaving away at homework, this isn't helpful in the slightest. With the homework in mind, you'd expect the tests to be a piece of cake, right? Nope. The tests almost exclusively deal with problems from the most recent topics (for which there hasn't yet been homework) and are about as poorly-worded as possible. On the final he insisted that he was asking us to find the determinant of a rectangular matrix. Good luck!