Krista McGuire

Dec 2014

At first, I was pretty scared of Dr. McGuire. She comes off as intimidating. But once you get to know her and you settle in class more, you see how lovely she really is. She is super understanding if you need help on something or need an extension. She loves teaching and you can tell from her passion about the material. Her lectures are extremely well-organized and well planned to the dot (we never left late). However, she goes pretty fast! I would recommend taking notes on a computer in order to keep up. Her tests were long, but they were not actually that hard, even though it may seem like they will be - most of what was covered on the tests was explained word-by-word in lecture, which is why I recommend taking notes very quickly or recording the lecture to go back and fill in the gaps in your notes. Of course, that takes a great deal of memorization but I would say that's easier than a lot of other classes. I would recommend this class, because it's great to learn about the tropics - they have such a huge impact on us. And because McGuire is a great person.