Valerie Keller

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2010

Valerie Keller is an extremely intelligent professor, even if she is only a graduate student. She always has awesome insight to bring to all of the readings and topics, and she does a great job at facilitating class discussions. She is a tough grader, especially on the compositions, but she is a great teacher. The class itself is pretty interesting, although the chapters try to cover so much material at once. Although Valerie expects a lot of you as a student, you will grow as a writer and as a critical thinker in her class. She pushes you to develop your writing and analytical skills, and expects a lot of participation from you. If you are a Spanish major, I would definitely recommend on taking this class with her, but don't expect it to be a breeze because you have to work very hard for a good grade in this class.

May 2007

Take Spanish with Valerie if it's at all possible. As somebody who learned Spanish, as opposed to being a native speaker, she really understands how to teach the language so it makes sense. She's understanding about the occasional screwup with homework assignments and attendance as long as you show her that you actually are making a sincere effort, and she always made sure that we understood the material instead of rushing us on.

Aug 2006

I took Spanish 1201 and 1202 with Valerie and I LOVE her. Although she may be obsessed with celebrities, she is an engaging teacher who grades easily and fairly. She actually made me enjoy Spanish class instead of dreading it. The best thing about Valerie is that she is always available to help you after class. The personal attention I received from her was invaluable and she really wants her students to improve. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish but still take an easy class and do well.

Jan 2005

Looking for the right introduction to espanol? Worried about spending 5 days a week with the same professor? Want to actually enjoy the experience AND learn the language? Look no further, because Valerie is your safest bet. Valerie is not a native Spanish speaker. Since she has had to learn the language from the ground up, she possesses the essential sympathy that is all too often lacking in professors, particular in the foreign language departments. She is a graduate student who is both well read and well traveled; she is able to draw on not only her knowledge of the language - but of the world - to keep the material fresh and interesting. There were clearly people in our class for whom this material was a review, and still others who couldn't spell 'spanish', but she managed the various levels with grace and ease, ignoring none while challenging all. Very available during office hours, fair (generous) grader, assuring you that 'effort counts,' and then putting your grade where her mouth is.

Jan 2005

Valerie is a great teacher for beginning Spanish. She is funny, calm, and really makes you learn. She was able to combine her youthfulness and intuition with pop culture with her ability to really drive the points home. She was confident in teaching, which is really important for young grad students and much appreciated. Our class ended up being really fun and had a joking atmosphere. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you get Valerie -- she's a gem!