Vijay Saraswat

Dec 2011

Course without any textbooks/reference books Only thing you can *rely* upon is class lectures that are nothing more than few lines long on topics that range from almost everything to everything in parallel computing. One Instructor Vijay Saraswat is more interested in telling what X10 can do and what HE can do rather than teaching something that we could understand. One of the worst courses I took in all my life. Vijay did not teach rather he just tested again and again what students know beforehand....everything he spoke only 3-4 in class could make out what he is talking about.Worst idoit I have every seen.Really sick of this person and unable to find suitable words to match culpa requirements. All IBM bastards were equally crap and they were also not so interested in teaching but i dont know wtf.. Just could not make out things unless you studied them beforehand(I mean in your undergraduate or so..) Got really really frustrated after taking this course, did not learn anything great here except some shit like asyncs , streams etc.. Dont take this course unless you have to just fulfill credit requirements and there is no other course to take.