Wang Hailong

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Dec 2007

I agree with the previous reviewer who said that this guy has the weirdest mood swings ever. He'd come to class scowling with a bunch of papers in hand and then by the end of the class, he'd be cheery and cracking jokes. However, he is excellent at explaining the nuances of the Chinese language at an elementary level and really makes sure that everyone knows the concepts well. The thing is, he tended to indulge in some favoritism in the beginning of the semester but by the end, he knew everyone's names and even accompanied the class on a trip to Joe Shanghai. Be aware, though, that when no one volunteers, he looks around the room and picks on the people who he thinks never talks. Overall, I would definitely recommend this class but the workload is definitely substantial.

Jan 2000

Wang is a good teacher, but be prepared for mood swings. Wang's pretty much a no-nonsense guy, and he'll definitely make you put in the work to get the grade.

Jan 2000

Wang Hailong is one of the best teachers I have had at Columbia. It takes some time getting used to his style because he holds really high standards for his students. In fact, he'll tell you that he goes much easier on his students now than in the past. Once you get in the flow of his rhythm, you'll learn a lot with his disciplined approach. Try to learn a little more about the man as he is quite good at Chinese calligraphy and has published quite a few articles. Wang laoshi is a very smart and competent teacher.