Naomi Fujita Geyer

Jan 2000

One of the most loveable teachers on the Columbia campus and in the Japanese department. One can't help but be charmed by her easy smiles and soothing voice. This huggable Pikachu-like character helps dull your mind from the pain. But don't be fooled because even Pikachu has its arsenal of surprises. Stay awake and do the work assigned to you, or you may receive an unexpected surprise at the end of the semester, no matter how well you thought things went. She is a fair grader and is more than willing to help you, but don't expect any freebies. Work load is at least an hour a day, including more if you actually listen to the tapes. Although her English is accented, it is understandable. Classes are a nice balance between instruction, class exercises, and discussion. She is also known to develop a good repoire among her students....but then again, so does Pikachu.