Eric Strome

Jan 2011

Professor Strome, a grad student (in the PhD program for history of education, I believe) at Teachers College, taught a pretty great semester of UW. One can tell from the get go that he is intelligent, "chill" guy who still remembers what is like to be a freshman in college. If you need help from him, he is extremely accommodating with office hours and gives detailed feedback that guides you in a general direction but still gives you plenty of freedom. This is not to say that you can slack off or anything, as you certainly have to work hard for your grade. It's just that if you, say, show up late, you'll suffer the consequences of that but not some sort of anal-retentive chewing out or passive-aggression. The only negative comment I can make is that papers were not returned with promptness one might expect. However, the reasons he gave for delays were very satisfactory, I'm sure that any future classes that he teaches will have no such issue.