Jessica Teague

May 2011

Jessica is sweet, encouraging, fair, knowledgeable, and a good teacher. She has a great attitude, is definitely friendly and understanding. She knows that this class is not everyone's favorite, especially not for SEAS students. (That sentence is so grammatically incorrect but it's 1am and I don't care to fix it). Anyway, she spaces out the assignments much better than other professors, from what I could tell. While my friends were stressing about finishing their research papers I was already smooth sailing with the ridiculously easy reflective essay. I never felt like I wasn't given enough time to do a paper. Sure, it's annoying to read the articles, especially during the research paper when you have to look for the articles you are barely interested in. But that's how it is with any UW class. Jessica is great with feedback for essay drafts, and you can ask her for help at any stage in your progressions. She also brought coffee and bagels from Starbucks into class one day towards the end of the semester! It was delicious during that 10:35am class.I would definitely recommend her if you settled with the fact that since UW is not gonna be your favorite class, it might as well be more than bearable.