Sara Lieber

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2013

Sara is truly an amazing teacher, though it took me the entire semester to realize it. At first, I thought she was completely psychotic because of her obsessive lateness/attendance policies and her extremely limited grasp of the intricacies of English grammar. However, no matter how much you may think she hates you, her strictness is just her way of showing that she really cares about you and wants you to be a better writer. I came out of this class understanding what an essay is on a basic level, and why English papers and research papers are essentially the same thing. You will come out of this class with a much higher probability of someday being published in the New Yorker.

Apr 2013

Best (and coolest) teacher ever! Really does her best to help her students improve. Almost always available via Skype to conference about an essay or meet with students at the writing center. Honestly, I think I learned more from the writing conferences I had with her than I did from the seminar itself - although the seminar, too, was extremely helpful. She is big into peer reviewing/work-shopping essays so be prepared to have your writing read by other students in the class.

Jan 2010

Of my entire writing career as a student, Sara Lieber was the first teacher who made me enjoy writing essays. At first, I did not expect much from University Writing; like many people, I thought it would be a typical writing class. It wasn’t until Sara’s feedback on my first essay that I realized how interesting writing could be. Sara really cares about the process of writing. She always gives a lot of feedback on your drafts. The individual meetings I had with her to talk about each essay were always helpful for revision. Not only did she give me good advice, but she showed true interest in improving our writing and making sure that we understood and cared about our errors. Never did she shoot down my ideas; instead she would help me find a way to make them work. Class time was always fun and never a drag. It was a true seminar in that she would take into account what the students had to say. She is very approachable as a person and also has a good sense of humor. I liked that I could count on her to answer any questions I had about my essays or writing in general. Sara would sometimes have great anecdotes to tell, whether about her career as a writer, an author we were reading or simply something funny. She has an incredible amount of knowledge too that always made class time more enjoyable. University Writing has been without a doubt my favorite class at Columbia so far.