Nicolas Delon

Jan 2010

Delon is a fine teacher if you took French in high school but may be difficult for a typical second-year French student. As a native Parisian he speaks very rapidly, but after the first couple weeks I got accustomed to the pace and could understand the majority of what he said. He stuck closely to the book as far as teaching grammar is concerned, and he was happy to answer questions about vocabulary. His lectures tended to be scattered, however, and would have benefitted from stricter organization. He supplemented the prescribed curriculum with clips from French TV shows and music to break up the tedium of reviewing grammar rules. If you come to class and study a little over an hour for each test, you should do fairly well. As it is much better organized than the Delon’s lectures, La Grammaire à l’oeuvre was easier to study than my notes from class. The selections we read from Panaché Litteraire were interesting for the most part, and I definitely recommend reading them if you want to understand what he’s saying in class. Delon agreed with the class that La Controverse de Valladolid, a French teleplay from the 90s the curriculum requires for all Intermediate French II classes, was boring and essentially pointless. Take this class for a straightforward review of French grammar and if you feel up to challenging your listening comprehension.