Tobias Wilke

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Feb 2012

I had a really great experience in Professor Wilke's Lit Hum class. He is incredibly nice, very helpful, and really understanding, especially about absences and missed work. I missed something like seven email responses in a row and he let me make all of them up and still gave me a really great grade. If you're absent, just shoot him and email and apologize and he's usually okay with it. He is german though, so try and avoid being late to class because he counts every two latenesses as an absence. He asks really thoughtful and conversation-inducing questions. The only problem is that the class I was in wasn't really able to handle them as at least half were asleep or doing calc homework in the back. He really likes it when students participate and will definitely up your grade if you are always willing to be part of the conversation. That said, don't be "that kid" who never shuts up or gets really heated about whats being said. Overall, Wilke's a really great Lit Hum professor and overall great guy.

Jul 2010

I had an overall positive experience with Tobias. The guy knew the LitHum books inside and out. He was for the most part always well-prepared, and asked many conversation-inducing questions, although we were not always up to the task of inducing said convo. I thought he graded fairly for the amount of effort I put in (which was minimal.. woops), but I'm sure if you talk to him during office hours and / or email him with drafts of your paper he would be more than obliged to help you, and it would probably make you just look good in general. He was a chill guy though overall, very understanding if you forget to respond one week (just tells you to make it up) or miss class (for a legitimate reason) and is just looking for some semblance of effort from his students. Good guy, enjoyable lithum experience

Dec 2009

Wilke seems like a nice guy. He has no major eccentricities, besides a mild German accent . The classes are good in that he gets students going in the right direction for discussions. That being said, class the classes are only exciting as students make them. When people come in exhausted/hungover/disinterested time can kind of go by slowly (it's nearly two hours per class). One major advantage of being Wilke's class is that he is a very fair grader. Most of the criticism I've gotten on my papers was spot on. I also feel he was very fair with the volume of reading assignments.