Colin Webster

May 2010

Colin is a fantastic instructor. Without a doubt the best language instructor I have ever had (and I've taken *a lot* of language courses). He is also by far the most demanding language instructor I have ever had. We had to read the book on our own -- he made his own lessons for the material covered, and his own worksheets. That's a good thing, since we learned the same material from two perspectives. But it doubles the work for us. Ancient Greek requires *tons* of memorization, and Colin tries to show us patters (and drills them into us) so that we can reduce our workload a bit. He also makes quizzes and exams very predictable, so we know exactly what to make sure we've memorized. Otherwise, it would just be too much. The only negative was that we didn't get a chance to do much translating from actual Greek -- we almost always [with one exception] skipped over the selections from Plato, etc., in the textbook, and we never got a chance to do some "real" translating at the end. Much of that was because we had to cancel several class periods [snowstorms, illness (once)] didn't have enough time. At least we got through the whole textbook, which apparently isn't always the case. He mentioned that he really wanted us to get our feet wet with some translating, and was sorry we were not able to -- so it shouldn't be a problem with future classes unless you also have several classes cancelled due to weather, etc. Bottom line: With Colin as your instructor, you'll have to work a lot, but it will be very rewarding. The slighly increased workload [every Ancient Greek instructor will make you work] will be more than made up for with the significantly increased understanding of the language.