Justin Reynolds

Jan 2013

Friendly grad student. A little awkward and sometimes didn't know how to proceed, but I also had him his first semester of teaching. Discussions were fine, pretty much based on the discussion posts that we had to do weekly. Nothing unexpected from a normal CC course. The discussion did seem boring at times, but I am a math major, so all of the politics stuff gets annoying. I did think, however, that he was a really tough grader. Usually teachers are sympathetic if you go ahead of time and hand in drafts and e-mail asking questions about essays, but he certainly was not. I ended up getting a bad grade in the course (B-) so that despite fine participation, my final/midterm/essay grades were all horrible. But if you're good at that stuff, then you'll be fine. I also want to note that for essays, he would only read drafts a week before the essay was due. So like if an essay was due the 16th, he would only accept drafts and give comments if it was received before the 9th. This was very annoying, gave very little time to write a decent draft. Also, he was VERY unhelpful in answering questions about the essays and exams. I e-mailed him back asking a question about something I didn't understand in his essay comments, and he told me it was after the deadline so he wouldn't help.