Divya Cherian

Dec 2010

I took this course with only slight pause due to old CULPA reviews, and I don't regret it at all. Professor Bakhle is a fantastic lecturer with a thorough insight into her subject. Moreover, she did an excellent job of contextualizing an extremely broad overview of South Asian history. While we covered a lot of material, I found that it was generally manageable to grasp what was going on and understand the narrative as it was presented. Professor Bakhle also made a tremendous effort to expand the course beyond Gandhi. We read numerous different opinions, and were presented with a class that put Gandhi in conversation with his contemporaries-- and allowed us to understand him within that context. Given that we had such a short amount of time in class and a large amount of material to cover, we actually read about a remarkable variety of the movements and disagreements that dotted Indian history from pre-colonial and briefly, post-colonial times. Class had two TA's. I had Divya, who was great at dissecting and making sometimes dense readings understandable.