Anne Hunnell

May 2010

She is very nice, knowledgeable, and an encouraging instructor. Though she is relatively new to the realm of teaching (she is a grad student), she is a very promising professor and I am sure will keep improving (though she is already skilled. I enjoyed the course. It is your basic survey of western art, and her emphasis is not on needless memorization but formal analysis and building your knowledge of works so you can really appreciate art and speak with confidence about pieces. Though I think her expectations and workload were a bit above the average, I think that's a good thing overall. Her comments are well received and will help you beyond art hum, especially if you are studying a field in which attention to detail is of unparalleled importance. If you have a chance to take a course with her, do it, I think she was generous with grades at the end.

Dec 2009

Art Hum is a straightforward and enjoyable course to begin with, and Professor Hunnell made it engaging and manageable. I think it was her first time teaching the course, and occasionally it showed, but she is knowledgeable about the material and I expect her teaching will only improve in subsequent years. My only frustration was that she sometimes allowed class discussion of an artwork to meander, open-ended, for a little bit too long. If she had given the discussion more direction, and shared more of her knowledge, the class would have learned more. But this is a minor complaint, and overall she was a perfectly good teacher. The papers were very fairly graded and her comments were specific and helpful.