Marilyn McCoy

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2019

11/10! Take/switch into Professor McCoy for Music Hum if you can. This past semester, we had one quiz that was very straightforward, one paper that was just a review of La Boheme (the opera we went to see as a class), and then shorter response assignments scattered throughout the semester. The final was just a discussion on the first day of reading period. Professor McCoy makes the class incredibly fun and is very dedicated. She's such a quirky and fun professor. I had a great semester.

Dec 2018

Very sweet woman, obviously very knowledgeable and passionate for what she is teaching! However, we purchased a textbook that we barely used, probably because she realized no one really read the pages she assigned. She understands that many students came into this class without a music background, and does a really good job catering to magic of music! Overall, good course.

Feb 2013

What to say about Marilyn McCoy. SHE IS AMAZING! Now granted, after talking to other students in different sections of Music Hum, I realized that I had to do a little bit more work than others in the different sections, but in the end, it was worth it. She has such a passion for the material, and is such a great teacher! She truly cares about her students, and does everything she can to see each of us succeed. Her lectures are informative as well as fun, and does a really good job describing musical terms and jargon, so people without music backgrounds can follow. I would seek her out for this class, and I learned a lot having her. Her class was my favorite last semester, and if I ever take another music class, I want it to be with her.

May 2012

Prof McCoy was awesome. I'll agree that there are a TON of assignments, but none of them take long, and she's not a tough grader at all and gives extensions to anyone who asks. As earlier reviews note, she covers the material in a pretty different way than other teachers. Her course is based on First Nights, a book that covers only 5 musical works (Monteverdi's Orpheo, Handel's Messiah, Beethoven's 9th, Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique, and Stravinsky's Rite of Spring). Regardless of whether you like the works, you'll learn a ton from them because you spend so long on each one, and McCoy is really good at putting them in the context of what was going on in music history when they were written. One downside is that you don't get to have that one week at the end of the course where you learn about more modern composers or the beatles or whatever contemporary music another professor might cover. Overall I think it was a great way to learn about western music. More than anything, McCoy just cares. She cares about the music and about the class and about her students, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She wants you to succeed and will go out of her way to help you understand concepts or to help you catch up if you miss a lecture. Being there for students is an often overlooked asset in a teacher, and she just totally gets it.

Apr 2012

If you want Music Hum to be a light and enjoyable course, do not take it with Marilyn McCoy. There are lengthy and tedious assignments due every single class. Sometimes she assigns two homeworks to be due in one day, or due on days you don't have classes. Her exams are very easy, but the she takes the homework and the classes way too seriously. Her essay grading is tough. She is very disorganized when it comes to giving you feedback. She will make you rewrite anything below an 80% and then tell you your score is the same, even if you rewrote the entire thing. She is very enthusiastic about the course, which is nice, so you learn a lot. Every other Music Hum teacher knows that we only take the class to finish the core, so it should be light and easy, but McCoy wants us to make Music Hum our number one priority, which is ridiculous. Find ANY other teacher for this class.

Jan 2010

A very enthusiastic and slightly eccentric professor who loves music and wants you to love it too. I would fully recommend taking Music Hum with Prof. McCoy, she marks easily and she wants to you to enjoy listening and learning. She bases the whole course on "First Nights" the textbook, which looks at 5 musical pieces - Orfeo, The Messiah, Beethoven's 9th, Symphonie Fantastique, and The Rite of Spring. Each piece is a mini course with some musical terminology and historical background specific to the music. After every unit you get a fairly easy multiple choice 'midterm' and a short (1-2pg) 'essay'. The assignments are not cumulative so you can forget about each unit once you have finished it. Best of all there is no final, just a 'final discussion' in class.

Sep 2009

Marilyn McCoy is hilarious. Her approach to Music Hum, while not the most engaging for anyone with a mildly serious music background, is accessible for all students. Her enthusiasm for the material is evident, and while she struggles with technological issues on the daily, I can honestly say that I enjoyed her classes. Her knowledge is great, but she can sometimes be slightly unclear when explaining concepts. However, she is more than open to any questions, and she truly appreciates curiosity. One negative I have is that she bases her curriculum off of a book which studies five major works of 'classical' music. I would have liked to examine other kinds of music and their position in history. Overall a great professor.