Savannah Cooper-Ramsey

Feb 2012

Savannah is the best!!! She alwas came to class super excited to be teaching us and super motivated. She makes the class fun and you learn tons. Savannah is definitely the best teacher so far in my time in the school. She cares about her students a lot and you can see that she takes student's comments on her teaching very seriously. You'll know so much Italian by the end! Seriously she is the best.

Aug 2011

Here's the thing you need to know about Savannah: she's absolutely, crazily, out of this world awesome. She makes you actually WANT to come to her class by being super animated, funny, and understanding. Her lessons are always fun and she genuinely cares about her students. If you don't understand something or the class is really not feeling the activity, she's willing to compromise and have extra classes or move on. She's easily accessible and always makes time for office hours and extra review sessions. I wasn't a great student last year, but she really helped me see the brighter side of things and I really looked forward to working on Italian assignments because of it. She's actually invested in the well-being and success of her students! By far my favorite class of the year.