Mariana Fraga

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2013

Mari is the best!!! She is funny and really chill, but somehow we still manage to learn a lot of Italian. I always feel prepared for the quizzes; she tells us exactly what will be on them and always has helpful review sheets. She's really lax and understanding with due dates as well. She has great stories about her awesome life; we talk a lot about TV and pop culture too. If you're interested in learning Italian, definitely take it with her! I enjoy going to class every day. She's hilarious.

May 2011

After I took Elementary I with Mari, I did everything I could to get into her Elementary II class. She is absolutely AMAZING. She is really chill and fun and talks about a lot of random stuff, but we still learned a lot and I felt totally prepared for the exams. She is really understanding if you need to miss a class or turn something in late. Quizzes are on the same days that homework is due, so as long as you do the homework you don't need to study for the quiz. Mari is the most incredible teacher I have ever had. Take her class!!!!

Jan 2011

Amazing teacher. So much fun. Most entertaining class I've taken at Columbia, and yet we still manage to learn all of the Italian the syllabus says we should. We spend a lot of time talking about popular culture and especially television. I would say that Mari is good as far as actually helping us learn Italian and amazing as far as keeping people interested in the class and making you want to come. ABSOLUTELY TAKE THIS CLASS even if your are only slightly interested in learning Italian!